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Company's history


JSC «Astyk Trans» has about 5036 grain wagons under management, incl.:
- 3345 wagons of its own fleet;
- 1700 wagons of rented fleet


JSC «Аstyk Trans» has about 6396 grain wagons under management, incl.:
- 3516 wagons of its own fleet;
- 2880 wagons of rented fleet.


АО «Астық Транс» произвел рекордные инвестиции в собственный парк. Были приобретено 721 вагонов-зерновозов и проведен капитальный ремонт с продлением срока службы 682 вагонов-зерновозов.


On January 30, 2017, a transaction was completed to acquire a 50% stake in Astyk Trans JSC. As a result, JSC Rusagrotrans was recognized as the sole stakeholder of Astyk Trans JSC.


05.01.2015 — «Kaztemirtrans» JSC and «Rusagrotrans» CJSC handed over 3,000 grain wagons in payment for shares.
Joint-stock company «Kaztemirtrans» is the largest operator of freight rolling stock of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company was established on October 21, 2003 in the framework of railway transportation restructuring in Kazakhstan, it is a 100% subsidiary of «National Company» Kazakhstan Temir Zholy» JSC.
The organizational structure of «Kaztemirtrans» JSC covers the central apparatus, subsidiaries, 2 specialized and 10 regional branches operating in almost all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as 4 wagon — repair depots.
As a major owner of the freight rolling stock of the Republic of Kazakhstan (about 63,000 units), «Kaztemirtrans» JSC is involved in more than 50% of total freight rail traffic in the territory of Kazakhstan.
The own rolling stock of the company consists of freight stock of all types and kinds.
The company’s activities include such areas as:

  • Handling of freight wagons
  • Freight forwarding services
  • Routine repairs of freight wagons
  • Collection (preparation), storage, processing and sale of scrap metal

The company introduced advanced management system. Thus, in 2005 «Kaztemirtrans» JSC introduced quality management system based on international standards ISO 9001: 2000.
In May 2008, the joint stock company was given international certificates for Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2004 and System of Occupational safety and health Management of the international standard OHSAS 18001: 2007.
Closed Joint Stock Company «Rusagrotrans» is a leading infrastructure operator in the field of railway transportation of grain cargo. Rolling stock of the company consists of more than 30,000 specialized wagons.
The company is planning to upgrade and renew its rolling stock of specialized wagons for grain transportation.
«Rusagrotrans» CJSC is gradually implementing an investment program approved by «Russian railway» JSC to create an effective transport infrastructure, including construction and upgrading of linear elevators, expansion of freight base for grain transportation by rail, introduction of modern transportation technologies. Business strategy of the company stipulate active participation in projects for development of marine terminal infrastructure that will significantly increase port capacity for handling of export grain cargoes.
In an effort to optimize the grain logistics, the company refocuses from traditional scheme of wagonload freight to technology of grain transportation by long solid train using consolidated terminals — public elevators. Introduction of modern logistics technology enables the company to reduce turnover of grain wagons, while giving guarantee to the consignor in terms of delivery time and safety of goods at a higher quality of service.


10.10.2014 — extraordinary general meeting of shareholders decided to increase the number of authorized shares.


25.07.2014 — an executive body of the company was elected — the Managing Board as follows: Chairman of Managing Board (President) — Erbolat K. Nazarbekov; members of Managing Board — Azamat Z. Bekmagambetov, Saltay S. Katpayev, Mira v. Kayresheva.
The composition of the Board of Directors as on 01.01.2015 is as follows:
Chairman of the Board of Directors: O. N. Rogachev, First Deputy General Director, «Rusagrotrans» CJSC.
The members of the Board of Directors: Yerzhan T. Zhakishev — President of «Kaztemirtrans» JSC; Gaydar K. Kassenov — Vice president for Corporate Development of «Kaztemirtrans» JSC; Sergaley B. Mizinbaev — Deputy General Director of «Rusagrotrans» CJSC.
Independent directors: Gennady E. Burbulis — President of the center «Strategy»; Yevgeny A. Karabanov — adviser of «Severnoye Zerno» LLP.


09.04.2014 — the first meeting of the Board of Directors was held.


17.02.2014 — the Board of Directors of «Astyk Trans» JSC in the amount of 6 members, 3 from each shareholder, was elected at the first general meeting of shareholders of «Astyk Trans» JSC:

  • Board of Directors of «Astyk Trans» JSC:

Representatives of «Kaztemirtrans» JSC:
  • K. E. Almagambetov — Member of Board of Directors;
  • D. T. Almusin — Member of Board of Directors;
  • E. A. Karabanov — Member of Board of Directors (independent director).

Representatives of «Rusagrotrans» CJSC:
  • O. N. Rogachev — Chairman of Board of Directors;
  • A.v. Gribanov — Member of Board of Directors;
  • G. E. Burbulis — Member of Board of Directors (independent director).


04.02.2014 — securities of «Astyk Trans» , ordinary shares with par value of 1,000 (one thousand) to the number of 90,000 (ninety thousand) were credited to the account of «Rusagrotrans» CJSC.


30.01.2014 — securities of «Astyk Trans» , ordinary shares with par value of 1,000 (one thousand) to the number of 90,000 (ninety thousand) were credited to the account of «Kaztemirtrans» JSC.


31.12.2013 — the Committee for Regulation and Supervision of Financial Market and Financial Organizations of the National Bank of Kazakhstan effected state registration of authorized shares of the company «Astyk Trans», issue is divided into 180,000 (one hundred and eighty thousand) ordinary shares with a par value of 1,000 (one thousand) tenge.


19.09.2013 — «Kaztemirtrans» JSC and — on 27.09. 2013 — «Rusagrotrans» CJSC made an advance payment of shares in the amount of 90,000,000 (ninety million) tenge each.


16.08.2013 — the Department of Justice of Astana registered joint stock company «Astyk Trans».


08.08.2013 — a meeting of the founders of «Astyk Trans» JSC in the person of the President of «Kaztemirtrans» JSC Mr. K. E. Almagambetov and General Director of «Rusagrotrans» CJSC Mr. K. L. Zassov was held. In the meeting it was decided to establish a joint-stock company «Astyk Trans», Founders Agreement was signed and Articles of Association was approved (MoM No. 1 of the Constituent Meeting dt. 08.08.2013).